RAA 2013 Social Events

RAA 2013 Social Events

Monday 20:00 Welcome Reception at the City Hall in the Red Hall Mag. Mateja Demšič, Head of the Department for Culture of the City of Ljubljana, will welcome the participants of the RAA 2013 at the Red Hall of the City Hall of Ljubljana. To see the location of the Reception, please...
Welcome to Ljubljana

Welcome to Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a great place to visit, it has history, tradition, style, arts, culture, and an atmosphere that is both Central European and Mediterranean; those who know it better would also add the adjectives multilingual and hospitable. Being close to many of major sights and attractions of Slovenia, Ljubljana can...

The use of Raman spectroscopy for identifying and studying the material component of the objects of art and antiquites has flourished in recent years. The increasing importance of the application of Raman spectroscopy in art and archeology is illustrated by an increasing number of research papers published each year, and by the scientific conferences and sessions that have been dedicated to this research area in the past decade.

The first contributions on the application of Raman spectroscopy in art and archeology were presented within GeoRaman (1999) and FACSS conferences (2002, 2004). The first symposium completely dedicated to the application of Raman spectroscopy in art and archeology was held in the British Museum in 2001. After the successful breakthrough, many additional  events in this research area have been organized. Two of the most important events dedicated to this subject today are the biannual conferences; IRUG, organized by The Infrared and Raman Users Group , and the International Congress on the Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Art and Archaeology (RAA).

The RAA conferences promote Raman spectroscopy and play an important role in the increasing field of its application in Art and Archaeology.  The RAA is an established biennial international event. It brings together studies from diverse areas and represents dedicated work on the use of this technique in connection to the fields of art-history, history, archaeology, palaeontology, conservation and restoration, museology, degradation of cultural heritage, archaeometry, etc. Furthermore, the development of new instrumentation, especially for non-invasive measurements, has received a great attention in the past years.

These prominent, international events have a long tradition. Previously they were held in London (2001), Ghent (2003), Paris (2005), Modena (2007), Bilbao (2009) and Parma (2011).

RAA conferences are highly regarded within the community of Raman spectroscopy, in art and archaeology, and other disciplines to which Raman spectroscopy can provide a useful input. A consistently high standard is maintained in the selection of sessions and papers for these events. Further evidence for the quality of the contributions at these meetings is demonstrated by their publication in several  subsequent special issues of Journal of Raman Spectroscopy.

We are pleased to announce that the next RAA congress (RAA 2013) will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from Monday, the 2nd, to Friday, the 6th of September, 2013 at the conference halls and accompanying premises of the Ljubljana Castle. It will be governed by the Scientific Committee and run by the local  Organizing Committee in partnership with the host venue. One of the RAA 2013 greatest priorities is to ensure a successful and memorable event.

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